RabbitSign Team


RabbitSign was founded in 2020 by Stanley Zhong. Competing against top professional programmers from around the world, he has won numerous awards in coding contests, including

Noticing his outstanding performance in coding contests, assuming he was an adult, Google invited him to a full-time job interview when he was 13 years old. (The interview didn't materialize because Google couldn't hire minors.) Shortly after he turned 18, Google hired him as an L4 Software Engineer, a position typically offered to people with Ph.D. degrees or those with college degrees plus multiple years of professional experience.

Stanley's pioneering work to provide free HIPAA-compliant e-signing to help lower America's healthcare cost was featured in a documentary by Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid aired on Fox Business Network and public TV stations across the US. (Viewpoint's past episodes featured US president and Fortune 500 CEOs.)

Stanley's innovative use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Serverless also won accolades. An AWS Well-Architected Review concluded that RabbitSign was "one of the most secure and efficient accounts" ever reviewed. Seasoned Cloud Computing experts praised RabbitSign's rock solid architectural foundation and security posture. RabbitSign is in the editorial pipeline to be featured in an upcoming AWS case study for its exemplary usage of AWS Serverless and compliance services.

Stanley is also passionate about enabling opportunities that coding can bring for as many kids as possible. Together with his friends, he co-founded OpenBrackets. This nonprofit has brought free coding lessons to 500+ kids in underserved communities in California, Washington, Texas, and Uganda. He received Gold (highest) President’s Volunteer Service Award.

RabbitSign Team

In spring 2024, RabbitSign brought on board industry veterans with decades of combined experiences at Netflix, Amazon and Microsoft. It is a team committed to the mission of bringing unlimited free e-signing to as many people as possible.