HIPAA Compliance

RabbitSign's free HIPAA-compliant e-signing is currently in private beta. Send an email to hipaa@rabbitsign.com to be added to the waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Yes! RabbitSign's HIPAA-compliant e-signing is truly free, not a free trial or free tier. There is no limit on the number of documents you can send or templates you can use.

RabbitSign is an Activism Corporation, a for-profit company whose primary objective is NOT maximizing shareholder value. RabbitSign wants to lower the cost of e-signing for as many businesses, nonprofits, and government entities as possible. Providing HIPAA-compliant e-signing for free is RabbitSign's way to help lower healthcare costs in the US.

On the technical side, RabbitSign lowered the operating cost of e-signing to the floor by leveraging revolutionary AWS serverless computing architecture. It costs RabbitSign less than $1 to process 1000 document signings. (In AWS speak, a 128-MB Lambda costs $0.0000000021 per millisecond.) Combined with some advertising revenue, RabbitSign is free and profitable. On the compliance side, RabbitSign has partnered with Compliancy Group. Between the money saved by switching from another e-signing service to RabbitSign and their goodwill to support RabbitSign's efforts to help lower healthcare costs, Compliancy Group provided their HIPAA compliance service practically free of charge.

Simply sign in to your RabbitSign account, and accept the BAA (Business Associate Agreement) under My Account. Now your RabbitSign account is HIPAA-compliant. Sending an email with the BAA is not required. Please note that while this makes your RabbitSign account HIPAA-compliant, you are responsible for your own company's HIPAA compliance program.

See the full FAQ here.